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Dear Community Member,

Polk CDC is a non-profit affordable housing developer that has made the City of Dallas our home for nearly 30 years. We have built such housing developments in Dallas as Woodbridge Meadow Apartments, Rickreall Creek Townhomes, and the Jen’s Place Complex on Ellendale among other miscellaneous housing developments for Dallas residents with special needs many of whom have grown up in this wonderful community.

Today we are launching a new venture and would like to open it up as an opportunity for the Dallas Community and surrounding areas to become involved. We have purchased the large brick residence at the corner of Levens and Washington Streets here in Dallas (984 SW Levens). Our goal, before Christmas 2018, is to make this house a home for veterans who are currently experiencing homelessness. We have partnerships with many local service providers who will offer help to these veterans to rebuild their lives. There are Polk County veterans among us who are living in tents in the forest, in their cars, couch surfing, and anywhere they can find shelter. They meet often at the Veteran Services Office VSO for peer-­to-peer support.

This is an opportunity for the community to pull together, to prepare this residence as a home for veterans. Each veteran will have their own bedroom and storage area, they may share a bathroom with another veteran, and they will have use of the common areas but will have their own storage space in the kitchen for their cooking and eating ware and dry food. They will share a refrigerator and freezer.


Please consider cash donations to help make this house a home.

  • Adopt a room – bed frame, dresser, a comfortable chair, lamp, and decor to include motivational wall hangings, mirror, bedding, towel sets, rug, etc. (Polk CDC will provide the mattress and box springs)
  • An Individual Set of Dishes & silverware for one
  • An individual frying pan and medium sauce set of pots and pans for cooking with utensils
  • Dishtowels and dishcloths
  • Sheet sets for full size beds and blankets, quilts
  • Toiletries, including brush, comb, clippers, an electric shaver.


Adopt a Room

You may dedicate the room to a family member or friend who was in the military and we will mount a plaque near the room entry in their honor or you could just adopt a room as an organization and we will mount a plaque identifying the organization who provided this room. Some of the current five bedrooms have already been adopted but there are still bedrooms remaining and other opportunities for two additional bedrooms coming next year as well. You could adopt a bedroom or any other room such as dining room, living room, Rec room, or library room. If not adopting an entire room you could provide some components for rooms such as pictures, wall hangings, furniture, etc.

What does this adopt a room mean? You could provide everything needed for one veteran in a bedroom as listed above, or you could provide just some of the items. Choose a theme for the decor. Pictures are included of ideas used in other housing for veterans. Be as creative as you want to be remembering these rooms are for veterans who may have seen battle. Other rooms include a small library, a very large living room, a large dining room that will need a table and chairs suitable for eight (in case someone has company), a fairly large kitchen with a breakfast nook area. Initially this house will include five bedrooms, one with its own bathroom and four will share two bathrooms. The house has a large finished basement that we will not be using initially.


So what kind of supplies and items would make good donations to get this house ready before Christmas, 2018?

  • Any supplies to furnish a common kitchen like good quality pots and pans, and electric coffee pot, a dish set for eight or more with glasses and cups or mugs, a mixer, large bowls, dishtowels, etc.
  • Large overstuffed leather furniture in good condition for a large living room with a tall ceiling such as sofas, recliners, chairs with ottomans, coffee tables and end tables.
  • Large throw rugs that will go over some of the hard wood floors,
  • Patriotic and motivational wall decor, cushions, etc.
  • Books for the library and a table and chairs for the library.
  • Card table with four folding chairs.
  • A breakfast-nook type corner table with benches and/or chairs.
  • A large flat screen TV with console
  • Donations to cover the cost of window blinds and curtains
  • Entertainment items such as jigsaw and board games
  • A heavy duty, solid pool table, cue sticks, etc. for Rec Room
  • Anything you can think of that will make this house a home.

We want to thank you for considering contributions to this worthy project, contributions of your time and/or a cash donation that is tax deductible as well.

Donation forms can be found here.


Please mail donations for the Veterans Fund to:


Polk Community Development Corporation

PO Box 33 Dallas, Oregon 97338

or drop off at our office:

657 Main Street Dallas, Oregon 97338

If you are interested in volunteering, adopting a room for a Veteran, or donating furniture or other items, please call us at (503) 881-0718 or email to