Building healthy communities goes beyond developing affordable rental housing and encouraging sustainable homeownership. Polk CDC makes financing easier with our home repair programs, as well as rental repair and business façade loan programs. We also at times have emergency single use grants. Our programs vary depending on available funding standards. Our goal is to help home owners maintain the safety, quality and affordability of their homes.

Home Repair Loans

Polk County homeowners may qualify for a low-interest loan to make necessary repairs and accessibility upgrades to their homes! Polk CDC can also respond to emergency repairs on a case by case basis.

How does the Home Repair Program work?

The program offers low interest loans to help homeowners make qualified repairs and rehabilitation affordable
through various programs.

Steps to determine minimum qualifications:

  1. Determine if gross annual income for household falls within the current federal standard for our Area Median Income. See chart below.
  2. Complete The Program Eligibility Questionnaire and submit. We will contact you with more information. If it appears you may be eligible, we will provide you with a full Program Eligibility Packet to complete and submit with verifying documentation.
  3. We will review your completed Program Eligibility Packet and determine the next step.
  4. If you qualify, a Rehabilitation Advisor will inspect your property to determine what qualifying repairs are needed as well as meet the program guidelines. Health, safety and accessibility are the priorities.
  5. You will request bids from contractors of your choice. We can help provide names of qualified contractors upon request.
  6. Your Rehabilitation Advisor will assist you throughout the construction process.

Housing Rehabilitation Income Limits for Polk County, Oregon, by Household Size (2018 subject to annual changes).

2018 Income Limit Area Median Family Income 2018 Income Limit Category Persons in Family
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Salem, OR MSA $67,300 Extremely Low Income Limits ($) 13,700 15,650 17,600 19,550 21,150 22,700 24,250 25,850
Very Low (50%) Income Limits ($) 22,800 26,050 29,300 32,550 35,200 37,800 40,400 43,000
Low (80%) Income Limits ($) 36,450 36,450 41,650 46,850 52,050 60,400 64,550 68,750

Basic Loan Requirements:

  • Home must be located in Polk County and must be in need of repair
  • Applicant must own or be buying property and must be in title
  • Owner must reside in dwelling being repaired
  • Property taxes must be current
  • Applicant must have sufficient equity and repayment ability

To see if you are eligible, complete an online inquiry here The Program Eligibility Questionnaire and submit.

For more information regarding the Home Repair Program please, contact Kimberly Lyell at 503-831-3173 or email

To view before and after photos, visit the Before and After Development section of the site. To see a list of qualified improvements, click here.