Business owners may be eligible for low-interest loans to improve the appearance of commercial buildings in the City of Dallas.

The Commercial Facade Loan Program is administered as a partnership between the City of Dallas and Polk CDC. In order to qualify:

      Applicants must be the owner(s) of the building or have the owners(s) written approval
      The building must be located in a Commercial zoning district
      Loans shall only be used for façade improvements
      Loans need approval of the City Manager after review and recommendation by the Commercial Development Team
      The improvements need to be consistent with the architectural theme of the area
      Property taxes must be current before a loan can be made
      Details of the proposed project, including specifications of material type and contractor’s bid, must be enclosed with the application

If the application is accepted:

      The interest rate will be 4%, amortized over the life of the loan
      A 2% loan fee, closing costs and title insurance shall be paid by the Applicant
      Repayment of the loan shall begin three months after the date of initial loan disbursement and shall be completed within ten years of initial disbursement
      No deferment of loan payments is permitted unless specifically authorized by the City Manager due to unusual or extenuating circumstances

Qualified Improvements

Commercial Façade loans help business owners in the City of Dallas improve the appearance of commercial buildings. Qualified improvements include:

      Exterior rehabilitation and restoration

All applications will be subject to approval City Manager upon the recommendation of the Commercial Development Team. For more information, visit the City of Dallas website or contact the City of Dallas Community Development Department at 503-831-3572.

Help beautify Dallas’ commercial districts and improve your business.